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Our History

Our History

Our team has evolved over time, much like our industry. We pride ourselves on keeping pace with the demands of the modern financial world by integrating new technologies, navigating today’s complicated financial landscape and providing high quality advice and service to our clientele.

We believe that no single advisor can effectively serve their clients in today’s world without the help of a team and this mindset has driven our development.Our three founding members all began their careers at Barnum Financial Group, as independent practitioners, in an era when that was the norm. All working in the same office, Justin, Brian and Brian quickly became trusted colleagues and friends.

In 2013, Justin Podbielski and Brian Paquette began working together as a team and shared support staff because they believed in the benefits of sharing ideas, resources and economies of scale. Simultaneously, Brian Bednarz began his own teaming experience in 2014. During this time, Justin, Brian and Brian frequently shared best practices and challenges of running their respective businesses. It was through these dialogues, that the three realized just how much they had in common. Quickly, they bonded over their shared core values, integrity, vision for the future, and a mutual desire to build an organization that would last for generations to come.

Finally, in 2017, it became official. By utilizing their complimentary skillsets and more than 35 years combined experience they merged their teams into present day Team JBW. Working at an industry leading firm like Barnum provides a plethora of resources that support the practices of more than 300 individual financial advisors; resources that we continue to leverage to this day. However, it is the teaming model that allows us to, as a group, expand on that amazing firm support and elevate our practices to the next level.

As they say, 1+1 = 3.  This is demonstrated by the team you see today. This model has enabled Team JBW to expand staff, centralize the investment management processes, share ideas and specialties around complex case analysis, and offer an unparalleled service model to clients.

The energy around this shared vision is contagious and can be seen in the culture we are building for staff, strategic partners and clients. We have built our organizational chart around the idea that specialization leads to efficiency. Our staff each have their own unique skillset and job functions that serves the three managing members as well as the team’s strategic partners.

Our strategic partners are all licensed, successful financial advisors from various backgrounds. Some are looking toward the future and plan to transition their clients to the team when they eventually retire and others are looking to build their practices in a team based environment, working toward the opportunity of becoming a future partner. They each have their own strengths and value-add to the collective vision of the team and we are blessed to have such a strong group.  

We look forward to decades of growing together in ways that respond to the challenges of today’s financial environment and proactively anticipate what the success model for the future of the “face-to-face” financial services industry looks like.